Seeking a mentor

Hi Dr. Davidson, I am also a nursing student at Columbia and I am interested in building mentoring relationships with professionals in the field. Do you have any recommendations for how to find mentors and how to approach them in regards to developing a mentor-mentee relationship?

In the past I have had mentors to help me navigate my educational path and have found these people very helpful. I believe mentors offer insight and wisdom that would be incomparable to a new nurse.

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My tactic is to identify someone who I admire and whose career path mirrors where I want to go. One of my exceptional mentors is Kathleen Dracup, previous dean at UCSF.

Kathleen Dracup, RN, FNP, PhD, FAAN is Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus, University of California, San Francisco, School of Nursing. Dr. Dracup earned a PhD from the University of California, San Francisco, a Master of Nursing degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from St. Xavier University, Chicago, Illinois.

A member of the Institute of Medicine, she is a leader in the field of cardiovascular nursing; she has been an influential mentor for cardiovascular clinical researchers for the past three decades. She is recognized nationally and internationally for her investigation in the care of patients with heart disease and the effects of this disease on spouses and other family members.

I admired here and reached out. Nothing ventured nothing gained and now I am the Dean at Johns Hopkins - nothing I would have never expected.