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Seasoned Software Developer and Scrum Master

My name is Patrick McElhaney, I'm a top 1% Stack Overflow contributor, Agile /Lean practitioner, UX advocate, and father of six great kids

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  • What has raising six kids taught you about your profession?

    Are there any parallels to raising kids and being a top UX developer and if yes - how so?

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    In terms of being a UX developer, not really.

    However, the more experience I get in management the more I find myself thinking, "Why does this feel so familiar? Oh, because it's just like getting everyone ready for church." Each person has a different level of experience, personality, set of motivations, etc. In order to make the deadline, you're constantly checking in on each person:

    1. Do they understand the goal (be in the car in a presentable state by 9:30)?2. Do they have everything they need to succeed (shoes, teeth brushed, clean diaper, etc.)?

    As kids grow, the focus shifts from #2 to #1 (and doesn't necessarily get easier).

    It's the same with knowledge workers.