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  • How much does it usually cost to publish a book?

    What are all the costs that go into writing a book from ideation to actually getting it printed (do not include marketing costs).

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    Sorry if I did not answer this inquiry in a timely manner; I had surgery a few days before your question came to me, and the after-effects of the anesthesia caused some rather severe memory problems for me, and I'm just digging out from under.

    In response to your questions about cost: It depends.

    I'm afraid that's the only "general" answer I can give.

    If you are happy with having only an e-book online for people to download and read electronically, the cost can be as low as the time it takes for you to learn how to set up your file(s) for an e-book (on several platforms), and each provider furnishes detailed guides for download and print-out. Uploading and checking are generally quite simple and neither company charges for uploads. The two biggest providers are Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and KDP is an Amazon company, and Smashwords services almost all the rest of the online e-book sellers. You can learn more by visiting either website.

    Print is a different story, and the cost picture varies widely, depending upon the services you need both before and during the printing cycle. I have published a "little" book that outlines the operations you might require, and a little additional research should reveal the costs you, in particular, should plan for.

    To download a free copy of my mini-buk, go to the "buy" button, and when the purchase screen comes up, enter the code LV58G and you'll be able to download in any one of six or seven formats.

    Hope this helps, and if you need more, my contact information is . . . in the book.