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  • Are the growing and controversial fields of artificial intelligence and robotics inseparable?

    Artificial intelligence is not the most popular innovation in the opinions of many of the great scientific minds. Can the field of robotics grow without it?

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    First, please s/controversial/interesting/g - there's no controversy here, only quite compelling and interesting technological advancement.

    These aren't distinct fields - it's all the same field - computing. Robotics is computing exacting control over hardware. AI is computing with "Executive Perspective" - decision making... sureness.

    The internet's about "how does everything work if we connect it all together?"

    When we let computers do things for is... their actioning change takes authority and capability. Computers only control things in so far as we let them control things.

    When the computers don't get things right, it's a bug - but was it related to authority, or to a lack of capability? Or availability of resources?

    Another thing to thing about... when a computer's doing something - is it doing it for you? Or, for someone else? I once renamed the "My Computer" icons on my team's desktops to "Bills Computer", because... at the time those machines really were more under Gates control than their individual end users.