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I Traveled the World and Taught Myself How to Code

My name is Phil Manning, I'm a designer/developer with a business background. I work with companies small to large, currently working at

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  • What projects are you most proud of at

    Are there achievements you're most proud of at this point with your tenure at and what leads to project satisfaction?

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    While I can't share exact accomplishments, I can tell you the best and most proud moments definitely come as a team. Company-wide accomplish are always uplifting and great for the group, solo accomplishments are a great morale boost and a good confidence builder, but when your particular team achieves something together - like you're all clicking on the same page - it feels extra special.

    Having been growing at a lightning pace speed, there have been tons of moments where we've had these team accomplishments. And while growing at such a rapid pace, it's important to set aside time to really appreciate the accomplishment of which you've achieved (even-though shortly after you realize now there's 2x as much to do!) - but these are good problems ;)