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An entrepreneur, ex-Googler & Forbes Magazine "30 under 30" award recipient

My name is Philipp Gutheim, Entrepreneur, ex-Googler and "30 under 30" recipient

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  • What type of personality do you look for when hiring developers?

    In your opinion, what type of developers tend to thrive in the industry and what is it about them that make them stand out?

    A little about myself, I'm one of the single female engineers on my team (back-end developer) graduated 2 years ago from UCI. I wanted to stand out in not just my work ethic but in my personality as well. What traits have you seen that have been kind of "the mark" of a great budding developer?

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    Based on what you described, I would not try to look for specific personal traits that you should develop.If there is one, I'd say reason with data and not with opinions.

    Be yourself, act with integrity, do what is best for the user/customer and question existing practices if you think it can be done better. Work within a team but do not let other brush you off.

    I know this sounds like a lot of platitudes. Sorry.