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  • What do you think about nasal vaccination? Is it posibel to stopp a pandemi whit it?

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    Intra nasal immunization is already used for Influenza. The nasal flu vaccine is highly effective, yet it requires to contain the relevant strains which evolve occasionally (hence the WHO recommendations which are issued twice a year, for the North and the South hemisphere campaigns).Intra nasal immunization is also explored for other pathogens that are airborne.

    Whether intra nasal immunization can be used to stem a pandemic or not is not entirely linked to this route of administration, but to the effectiveness of the vaccine, which once again depends on matching the strains that are circulating. In this respect, any Influenza vaccine that contains the relevant strains would help to mitigate the impact of a pandemic, and what will truly make the difference is the coverage of the population (therefore the speed at which the countries can execute massive vaccination campaigns before the infections spreads too far).