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My name is Polyana Ferreira de Oliveira, 8 yrs experience in SEO and digital content strategy, and 4 yrs in travel industry makes for travel marketing know-how.

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  • What is the biggest travel trend ahead in 2016?

    How do you think technology will impact this trend?

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    Hi Shawn! I just answered this to another person's similar question:

    "I haven't seen much regarding travel gear per se, except for the use of technology - mobile apps that involve messaging are being used a lot more this year than ever before, and this has brought the travel industry to a new level of personalization in doing business with clients. I would imagine this is overall - but more specifically here in Brazil, for example, we tend to use Whatsapp a lot for travel businesses, and with my partner agencies and clients around the world, I'll do a lot of their travel planning via Slack, because that way I can integrate my team and specialists to participate.

    In terms of actual travel, hotels have been innovating quite a bit, while they try to compete with sites like Airbnb. You'll see a bunch of new brands popping up that are owned by larger brands, and they'll have very interesting concepts that are aimed at millenials!"