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My name is Rachel G, Content strategist with 5 years of professional experience working virtually for tech startups and marketing agencies

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  • Do you have a preferred tool that you use for tracking your statistics online to keep up with your target audience?

    Online marketing strategies constantly change with changing technology. What steps do you take to ensure that you stay on top of those changes?

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    I use a few tools to monitor brand, reach and target audience.

    1. Google Analytics is one of the big ones; we use this to check our blog visits, referrals, audience, etc.

    2. Hootsuite analytics has good overviews of how our social media profiles are doing each month. Their reports are a bit pricey, though.

    3. Facebook insights is good for checking out what type of content your audience/followers enjoy and engage with the most.

    4. Twitter analytics gives a good overview of what people think of your brand and your demographic.

    5. I use WordPress statistics for my personal site. I don't monitor it as closely, so just seeing which blogs, dates and categories are the most popular is enough for me.