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  • Do you think it's still interesting to open a blog on the startup company website to give advice and infos to user or not?

    People that know how to search products and informations don't read post on company, do you think (company) still need to open a blog.

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    Hi Jonathan, thanks for the question and sorry for the delay in response time. The holidays took over my life for a bit. :)

    I do think that it's important for startups to have a blog on their website.

    A blog is the great way for a new company to share information with their customers and possibly even investors. They can use a blog to introduce new products and offerings, and explain why and how they are operating.

    I actually think all businesses -- both established and start-ups -- should have a blog as a means to communicate with the public and their internal team.

    I hope that helps!

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    Ok thank you for the answer, it's cool to have the pleasure to speak with an expert.Just one more question:I am building my startup in France and I have French clients and English clients. I am more concentrated on English than French but I want French people to get an access to same content that English have.Do you think I need to translate everything or just write in English my post ?

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    That's a great question Jonathan. It's actually something I've never dealt with myself.

    But in my opinion, I'd do both versions if you are going to have a large French audience, as well as a large English audience.

    But if only about 15% of your audience is French, I'd say you are okay with just writing posts in English -- unless the information is fundamental to your business. Then you should have both versions available.

    I hope that helps! Let me know what you end up doing and how it works out for you!