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National Teacher of the Year-2012

My name is Rebecca Mieliwocki, Optimistic believer in all things possible for kids and their awesome teachers, working to celebrate and grow both.

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  • Any good advice I should take before seriously considering teaching as my career?

    Hope you don't mind but I'm asking all the teachers here on Wiselike this question to hear everyone's opinion. I'm honestly intimidated to teach at schools where students are known to not do too well academically. I know I won't have many options to choose from when I'm fresh out of the teaching program. Any advice on what I should be focusing on or lifestyle changes I should consider to be a good teacher?

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    If you have heart, believe all kids can learn, are willing to be exacting about figuring out where your students are, what they need most, and then work to deliver it, you'll be great! The job is hard. There's no way around that. It's hard when you're good at it. It's hard when kids are brilliant. It's hard when they struggle. It's harder when you don't lesson plan well or have a rapport with kids or can't be flexible. It's hard when they show up prepared, it's really hard when they're determined to drive a lesson into the ground. But here's the thing...they're kids. And they need you more than anything. They're alive in their curiosity and need to be accepted. They are funny as heck and unpredictable too. They will zig when you zag and make you snort coffee out your nose when you least expect it. They'll crack open your soul with possibility, stun you with their accomplishments, and they'll break your heart into a million pieces. All you can do is come back every day with a smile on your face and the belief in your heart that they can, and they WILL, learn with you. Do you need to be as strong as an ox inside? Fierce as a warrior to do what's right by them? On top of the latest doings in education so you can be teaching strong? Yes. Does it help to be with someone or married to someone who makes more money than you will and who understands why you need lots of wine and that Sundays are for grading? Definitely. It's not for the faint of heart, it's for the huge of heart and mind. And YOU can do it. Let me know where you land. I'm here to help whenever you need it.