What’s your day-to-day life like?

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Its great. We wake up at 6.00 . I fix breakfast while my mother takes a shower we eat and drink coffee. Get dressed go to work on my website http://american-writers.org/, come home fix supper swim or walk watch some tv or read go to bed. That's a typical week. Weekends can are different all the time.

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I am pleased to announce that after roughly seven months of life in London, I have settled into a pleasant routine and life here. I work as a Personal Statement Writer at http://www.personalstatementfolks.co.uk/, so I am very busy whole day. After finishing office hours, I go to my home and start preparation for dinner.

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It is please to read your story of day to day life. I do Yoga regularly in morning and drinking lemon tea. Then after I used to read news on my cell or watch on TV sometime half an hour. I also play with my doggy. By profession I am academic writer at Quality Assignment and providing coursework writing service - http://www.qualityassignment.co.uk/services/coursework-writing-help/ So I prepare myself for writing tasks for the day with resources related to subjects. In evening I love to sit on beach.

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