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I've been working on the web since the 1990s

My name is Rob Larsen, I write books and solve front end web development problems for people

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  • What does it take to build career longevity in the fields related to web technology?

    What can professionals do to ensure that their skills and education, and thus career, don't become outdated?

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    That's a great question. The best advice I can give is to stay current with the core technologies in your specialization.

    Staying up to date with the core technologies in your specialization helps because frameworks and patterns change. Having a strong grasp of the underlying technologies means you can switch modes more easily than someone who's only focused on the higher, framework level. There's plenty of need for framework knowledge, don't get me wrong. On the front end, Backbone might not be the hottest technology right now and Angular 1.* might be ceding developer focus to Angular 2, but having expertise with either of those would still get you a lot of phone calls right now.

    But, and I speak from experience here, being able to move from one to another with the confidence that "it's all just JavaScript" means I'm not caught flat-footed by something new cropping up. This was the case a decade ago with jQuery, Dojo and Prototype all slugging it out for Ajax library supremacy and it's the case now with the framework of the month club we've seen over the past few years.