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My name is Robin Good, I help independent individuals create high-value info resources that are economically sustainable

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  • What do you think are the best content curation services out there?

    Hi Robin- I'm currently starting up a blog and I want to have guest posts to bring in more traffic. Any idea on how I can stir up some good content? I'd love to hear your list of favorite content curation services.

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    To effectively curate content online there are hundreds of smart tools available out there.

    Which one is best for you depends on what is your specific goal, expertise and budget.

    In general, you can curate a topic-specific news channel without even having a website by using anyone among these:

    - - - -

    Each one of these platforms offers an existing audience of people interested in finding quality news, resources and tools.

    To get an idea of the full spectrum of useful content curation tools out there, give a look at this directory to explore what is available today:


    To give more exposure and visibility to your upcoming content, you could reach out to some experts and influencers in your niche, and ask them to share their view and advice on a few question you can send to them. Then with the set of expert answers to each individual question you are going to get, you could curate some prestigious guides that are signed by the top experts in your sector.

    If you are not too pressed by achieving overnight results, you may do well by approaching these people in a very kind and friendly way, while making their effort to contribute as easy as possible. As long as your blog / site appears credible and professional when they will check it out, the other key element you can use to gently persuade them to contribute their answers, is letting them know more about the purpose of your guide /target audience, and who are the other experts you have contacted or who have already accepted to participate.