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I wrote my first program in 1979 on a PDP8 minicomputer. In BASIC- on Tek33 Teletype

My name is Roger, The Old Breed

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  • What was life like for a programmer in 1979?

    That is a long time ago! Were programmers as much in demand as they are today?? :D

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    You wrote more code to get less done with fewer people

    You wore a collared shirt and maybe tie to work everyday. You were more likely male.

    There was no remote

    Computers required AC and you wore wool if not

    You stored your work phsically. 9 track tape, paper tape, eight inch floppies, etc

    No internet. No googling answes. When you had a bug you kept at it for days until the answer was found. If there proto pair programming this was it. Someone sitting next to you looking for the bug together.

    Full screen editors?Symbolic debuggers?Static code analysis?IDE?

    Were decades away.