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  • Which programming language should I learn?

    I am currently attending college and majoring in computer science and I wanted to a get an edge over my peers by learning another language. I want to know which languages I should pick up, would a newer language or an older language work better?

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    The language you want to learn is a language in demand. Interestingly enough it also matters what you want to focus on. Are you trying to be a full stack guy? Maybe you like the front-end? How about big data?

    My advice is pick a stack and learn it end to end and get basic skills in SQL. So doesn't matter if its Java, RnR, Python, PHP, but learn how to build an app end-to-end. If you are more mobile leaning, you might want to pick something like PhoneGap or Titanium, which is really learning JavaScript. JavaScript is become more and more useful, you can build full stack web apps now in just JS using various frameworks. Learning Objective C or Java for native mobile isn't a bad idea either. But trust me on the SQL, everything thing needs persistence and SQL is still the leader. Just about every computer and person with access to data eventually touches something SQL, even no-SQL DBs have some SQL access.

    Pick a area: full stack web, front end web, mobile. Then I'd pick a leading tech in that area, maybe something newer. So if you like iOS development learn Swift to be ahead of the curve. Like JavaScript? Learn MEAN, Angular, or Ember to be a little ahead. The skill will last longer in the market.