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Combine Cable and Energy and be awarded most customer centric firm in the same year.

My name is Rudolph Regter, Like to build leading (marketing) teams. Bridge Cable/Telecom. IoT. What are your thoughts on 'Assistant living'?

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  • What strategies are used when building marketing teams?

    What happens when the team is not receptive to new marketing techniques?

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    Not receptive to new marketing techniques..... That is a challenge...

    First of all, if they do not use social media, are not active online... that is the first thing to get it going. 'it starts with one', individuals change organisations. (let me send you the change slide I like to use for that)

    And presentations of automated marketing companies, like Act-On, should make them eager to start using it. As it gives soo much tools in the hands of a marketing person!

    And if this 'carrot' does not work... the 'stick' should do it. Setting clear KPI's on their bonus... Use my Customer experience chain methodology for that, than in one move you have the whole organisation with you.

    Mail me for an example of that award winning methodology to get your whole organisation in the 'sales and customer focus'. Easy to use, learnt in one day.