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My name is Russel B McDonald, 30 years as a software engineer

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  • How can I be more valuable in big product pivots/decisions?

    I want to stop being the developer who only touches the projects that are handed to him. What can I do to make my voice be heard for new projects instead of being a code monkey? I've been here for almost 2 years now and asking how I can help hasn't changed anything.

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    It is difficult, but if you can come up with a really useful product feature and get it working all on your own, at least as a prototype, and then present it to management/your boss, then that could give you the boost you want.

    If it's a useful feature that could boost sales, does not require a lot of extra QA testing, and PM wants it then you'd be the shoe in for that new code.

    As a fallback to that, if you know a director level person there that has great ideas for related side projects that the company has not put on the schedule just yet, then you could volunteer to that director to start work on it on the side. Get it up and running and then let him present it. You'd be the shoe-in for that project as well.