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My name is Ruth Kedar, and I am best known for designing the (former) Google logo

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  • Why is graphic design seen as an easy job?

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    Hi Zana, that's a good question. Perhaps it is a function of the proliferation of design tools, and the fact that almost everyone has easy access to them. And with today’s technology, you can whip up something almost effortlessly and make it look quite good, at least at first glance.

    With that said, I’d like to point out that graphic design is not the only craft or profession that has the “easy job” label attached to it – any job can be perceived as an easy job by people who either know nothing about it, don’t appreciate the experience needed to do it well (in either schooling or practice) or are just trying to undermine it in order to score a good deal.

    So my question to you is why do you think graphic design is not an easy job? What in your own mind is the value of pursuing a graphic design education and practicing the craft?

    Start articulating for yourself if and how graphic design is or can be influential, important or even essential to a project’s success.

    Look around you or do some research and see if there is an underlying common thread among those projects that in your opinion are “good” versus “bad”. If you step back, what conclusions can you draw on what constitutes excellence in the graphic design field and what is required to achieve it?

    Only after you articulate to yourself what is the value of what you do, and even what is the added value you bring to it, that you will be able to impart these ideas to others and give them better tools to understand and hopefully respect and even admire what you do.

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    This is a great answer. I'm not a designer but as a photographer I hear people telling me that "photography is an easy job, you just point and shoot". Thank you for sharing Ruth and it's nice to meet you here on Wiselike. Never thought I'd find the designer of an iconic logo here, but I'm happy I did.