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24+ years of coding and software development experience, and counting.

My name is Salvador Gomez Retamoza, I'm passionate about development and innovation in software, besides Karate and Scouting.

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  • How has the profession in coding and software development change through the years?

    Has it become easier or more complex with the advancement in technology?

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    Every time I look in retrospective about software development, makes me think on the expression "We stand on the shoulders of giants".

    While tools and frameworks become more and more useful, the activity of software development itself has become actually much more complex.

    I think there are mainly two reasons: First, higher abstractions mean higher effort a new software developer to construct solid knowledge starting from foundations (software development's real foundations trace back to the hardware itself, and how to make it do what you want).And second, the ever increasing applications of computer science on human problems, which I picture as a constantly growing spiral, covering more area with every iteration, and creating new techniques and solutions every second.

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    I agree, "We stand on the shoulders of giants." The only reason we're able to create the tech we can today is because of everyone who has come before to help us make it better, more flexible, easier to use, and more complex operations. Everything is a remix, especially software. Check these out, I think you may like these videos explaining a lot of the ideation around new products/inventions:

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    Nice videos Dario, Thanks! As an experimented developer told me some time ago "SW development is fundamentally the same since the 80's, and we have only changed the UI".I think that is only partially true, as the problems we solve on a daily basis are definitively much more complex (i.e. thousands of transactions per second, multiplatform is a must, etc.) and the abstractions we create not always catch up with the size of the problems at hand. I definitively agree, Everything is a remix, and real changes can only be seen in long retrospective.