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  • How do you deal with you Scrivener file being too heavy? Or too big?

    I write on a PC, not a MAC and it gets difficult to even keep the file open if it is too big (400 kb or more). Sometimes it even crashes Scrivener when I try to work on it. If the files are smaller there is no such a problem...

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    Thanks for your question!

    Hmm...I've never had this problem. I always had that problem with Google Docs and Word, but Scrivener seems pretty clean and easy to run.

    Mine has been crashing lately, but I'm fairly certain that it's a problem with my computer, not with Scrivener. It's short on memory, so its autosave is failing and Scrivener crashes right after (but the rest of my computer also crashes, so I know it's not Scrivener's fault).

    Do you put images and such in your Scriv? If you do, you might want to consider refraining from loading your file with heavyweight items like images and videos. If not, I'm afraid I'm not much help, as I haven't had this problem myself.

    If that doesn't solve the problem, it's likely your computer can't handle Scrivener. That'd mainly be an issue with compatibility between Scrivener and your computer. If your computer is old or needs updating, or if you need to upgrade your operating system (or in my case, if your OS is too new for your old computer). I think Scrivener also had an update, so you might want to check on that as well.

    If all else fails, there are other word processors. Scrivener is awesome, but if it's not a viable program, it's not a lot of good to you.

    Good luck! Let me know what you find out!