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My name is Samantha Bayarr, I write Amish Fiction, Historical & Western Fiction

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  • Reviews can be brutal. How do you not let them deter you from writing?

    Everyone has different tastes. It stands to reason that a less than shining review will come through from time to time. How do you bounce back from one?

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    Ignore them! But most of all. NOT take it personally! The very first one i got put me in tears! But then i realized not everyone is going to like my books because people have different tastes. It happens, and you move on. I've sold over 2.5 million books, so to me, the sales speak louder than an occasional bad review.

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    That's nice to hear. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts. Now I would like to get back to the review that upset you the most. Did you respond to the bad review or did you just ignore it and move on with your life and your work?

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    Thanks for the response. I am happy to hear you don't take them personally. You are right everyone does have different tastes. Out of the 2.5 million books sold, what demographic of people were buying them?