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I travel the world to capture and share beauty

My name is Sander-Martijn, I am a fashion photographer, aid worker, travel photographer, writer and general vagabond

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  • What are the biggest considerations a photographer should take to ensure they capture the best shots of the moments they take?

    There are many photographers in the world but there are factors that distinguish the best photographers from the rest of the bunch. What makes a good photographer? What are the few considerations that a photographer should take to ensure they capture the moment such that the photo can recreate the feeling of that exact moment, which is the hallmark of photography?

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    Well I think most people can take great photos. Everyone has at least a couple photos they're really proud of. So what do I think some of the differences are? Here are a few of the top ones in my opinion:

    1. A great photographer isn't just taking great photos, they're using images to tell stories. 2. They have worked to hone their skills and style to a point where they can do it reliably, not just hit or miss. This takes most a decade or more.3. They started out with a natural eye for it and an intense passion, and have coveted and developed those things ever since4. They have developed a unique and recognizable style that is their own.

    There are other things, especially if you delve into specific types of photography (for example in documentary work you need to be able to connect with people quickly, and be open to new cultures and ideas), but those 4 things I think are vital and universal across the various sub-fields.