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My name is Sashi De, I'm a television producer specializing in lifestyle content; travel, adventure, food, and automotive!

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  • What is the most dangerous place you've been to?

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    Definitely without a doubt, Kashmir! It's a conflicted zone already between Pakistan and India. We were chasing the story of Rosabal mosque, a spot where a man named Yus Assaf was buried. The notion that Jesus Christ survived crucifixion and teached/traveled through India is a wild theory - the local residents knew soon as they saw us burst out of our autorickshaw with our cameras, that we were chasing this story and we were met with open hostility. No police in this region, an all Muslim neighborhood harboring a lot of aggression towards foreigners, especially those with cameras. We were immediately surrounded and challenged, and then threatened. Our rickshaw-wallah gathered us immediately tried to placate the mob and we hightailed it out of there. But we didn't get our shot! So the next day, I dressed a bit more 'local' and armed with a secret button camera, I went back. As I was walking through the neighborhood, I was actually filming via my button but to an outsider, it looked like I was just checking out the building. Regardless, I was approached immediately by a big burly dude, and on camera (not to his knowledge) I recorded our dialogue:

    "Alright you've seen enough"

    ME: What I can't stand here and look at this building?

    "No, you should leave"

    ME: What's wrong with me just hanging out here?

    "You see, we're pretty close to the Pakistan border, everyone has guns around here, you never know what might happen"

    ME: I'm out!

    So there you have it. The most hostility we've faced in all our travels. Kashmir. This whole adventure can be seen on episode 4 of Season 1 of Road Less Traveled.