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Head Roaster and Green Buyer at Mano a Mano Coffee.

My name is Seb Huigens, I am a coffee professional driven by transparency, creativity, and fairness.

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  • As the green buyer for Mano a Mano, what do you look for when choosing green coffees?

    Since the beans are unroasted in green coffee, how does the taste compare to that of roasted coffee beans?

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    Hi Felix,

    Our process for finding new lots begins when small samples of green beans are sent to us from origin. These "pre-shipment" samples are then roasted on a small sample roaster, designed for batches of this size. The next day we will taste these lots, assign them an overall score out of 100, and take as many notes as possible. All coffees we buy must be roasted before tasted, so we know exactly how they will perform once in the roastery.

    When buying coffee, we look first and foremost for deliciousness; we have to love drinking these coffees, otherwise we can't expect our customers to love drinking them. From there, we assess each coffee on its sweetness, acidity and clarity, then assign each coffee its score out of 100. At this point we also look for other characteristics of each lot such as body, balance, dry fragrance, wet aroma, and more. The coffees we work with at Mano a Mano fall in the 85 - 90 point range.

    Above all, we buy coffee based on quality, character, and freshness. We want coffees that are shining examples of what specialty coffee can be: complex, sweet, and memorable.