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  • How to manage global team?

    I am technical professional person. I joined global virtual team and worked for 12 months. At first it was fun experience to work remotely, but in a sudden I realised I am far from the decision central also their entire communication workflows/processes are not designed for cross timezone. Although they clam the company are driving technical change, but the slowness and inefficient communications are the time killer. Any suggestion that you have in your point of view.

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    In such situations i try to have scrums/meetings at a common time for everyone. If this is not possible as well, try to identify key players in your team and ask everyone else to try to work closer on their hours. Qa, design and devs should have some overlapping hours.

    Remote development is fine and working well, but you still cannot have a designer in Siberia, a coder in Australia and QA in America :)

    I am usually using agile in 90% of my projects because is a good methodology for a distributed team. Once everything is planned and dropped in a sprint, and everyone has a clear idea of her/his tasks, will require less meetings and Q&A than a classic waterfall approach.

    I also use mostly Atlassian Jira because people can ask questions and discuss in comments, so no need for 1001 emails back and forward for this.

    This is just general stuff, if you have further questions please give me some details regarding your specific situation, so i can understand which are the main issues.