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  • How can I tell my career counsellor at school that college isn't necessarily the only way to go?

    Hi, I'm still in high school and every session I've met up with her has been about going to college. I'm not very motivated to go to college because I have no idea what my tuition would be paying for. My mom is a single parent so going to a 4 year institution is not really my top choice for us. I feel bad for disagreeing with my career counsellor because it seems like she means well but how can I help her see eye to eye with my situation? Thanks Sergiy.

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    First, the thing to keep in mind with this entire process is that your career counsellor at school is just one person.

    When speaking with your career counsellor, start by letting her know the reality of your situation and the thoughts you’ve been having. Tell her that while you know she’s giving the advice she thinks is best, you’d like to explore some career paths that don’t require college.

    Do you have some things you’re interested in? Some things you want to try? Some careers you believe would be interesting for you? Tell her all of those things. Ask her if she’s able to help or if she can point you in the direction of the people/resources that can.

    If you believe that the things she is telling you are not helping to move you forward, keep in mind, she’s just one person and you don’t have to take her advice.

    Feel free to reach out to our team at anytime for help. That’s what we do ;)

    PS the CEO of our company made this video not too long ago where he talked about career/guidance counsellors:

    Hope this helps