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2015 National Teacher of the Year

My name is Shanna Peeples, representing the best of more than 3 million educators in classrooms across the country.

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  • If you could go back in time and co-teach with any famous educator, who would you choose & why?

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    What an interesting question! The philosophy nerd in me would love to go back in time and listen to Socrates. But I'd also love to watch Annie Sullivan teach Helen Keller - I think that would be fascinating. And as long as I'm building this wish list, I'd say that I'd wish to meet John Dewey, Lev Vygotsky, Paolo Freire, and Maria Montessori because they've had such an impact on my own beliefs about education.

    What's really cool is that I can, in essence, learn from watching videos of great teachers today like my NTOY predecessors Sean McComb and Sarah Brown Wessling on the Teaching Channel, and the awesome Robyn R. Jackson at Mindsteps.

  • As the 2015 National Teacher of the Year, what do you suggest to the American teachers who have been demoralized by the politics of a dysfunctional educational system?

    Should they leave the profession? Should they stay and fight the system?

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    Shanna, your statement "We are teachers - that is our identity and our craft, our gift and our responsibility. It’s easy to forget the most simple thing about teaching and that’s to remember to connect to our students. Especially the ones like Adam, "covers the essence of "Teaching" and to a lot kids of all ages the only "Safe Place " physically and emotionally" is in the Omni space provided by the presence of a teacher. THANK YOU

  • How has being NTOY affected your family life?

    Has it affected your family life at all? How did your family react when they heard the news?

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