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"Measure twice, Cut Once" OR "Test gazillion times, Deploy once(hopefully)."

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  • Do you prefer working alone or working on a project as a team member?

    Many engineers prefer working alone. How can they learn to integrate themselves into a team to produce better code and test more effectively while balancing group dynamics?

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    Hmm. Working Alone has its perks but if one wants to progress "anywhere" in this field - you will HAVE to work with others.

    Personally I like dividing up parts. Say for Example for a project we need to build an app and launch it online. To build the app we have to solve the logic problem and code it in SQL. There is a team of three. I would lead and suggest we all take a part and do our research into it. Then in 15-30 min (however much time is necessary based on difficulty, but this is meant to be preliminary) we meet again and discuss. Then switch etc.

    Hope that helps! Ask any follow up questions you have. :)