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My name is Shon M, I'm a full-stack developer with particular attention to automation, security, and culture.

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  • How long can I keep a company waiting after they have offered me a job? I want to keep interviewing.

    So this is what is happening. Company A offered me a job last week. The pay/benefits are ok, but it’ll do for me. It is not like I had amazing extracurricular or experience in college. I don’t think I have much to negotiate with. I’m in the application process for three other companies. I have interviewed with one of the companies a couple days ago. The interview went really well and I think they will extend an offer, but they have not contacted me back yet. My gut tells me that if they decide to make an offer, it won’t come for at least another week or two. I will be interviewing at the two other companies next week. If those go well, I’ll probably have an offer in about 3 weeks. There are two things I am worried about. 1. That company A will take back their offer because I am taking too long to respond which shows my disinterest in the company. 2. Even if they do not take back the offer, that I will start off on bad footing with them. Reasonable concerns or over thinking? Thank you!

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    Ask them! Tell them you would like to continue searching, and they may make a counter-offer. Leading with little or no communication is not a great way to start what could be a long and flourishing relationship.

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