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UFC Reporter: The Sun

My name is Simon Head, I'm The Sun's UFC Reporter and have 15+ years' experience writing for The FA, Daily Mirror, Opta, Ladbrokes and more

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  • What made you decide to switch from general sports writing to being a UFC writer?

    According to your LinkedIn profile, you focused more on general sports in the early part of your career. What prompted you to specialize in mixed martial arts? Do you foresee sticking in this niche?

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    MMA is a passion of mine and I've really enjoyed covering it over the years. When I started covering it I was a sports editor, covering all sports. But I've always looked to find the right opportunity to specialise in MMA and was fortunate enough to be offered the only full-time mainstream media gig in the UK covering MMA. I'm very blessed to have had the opportunity, but it's come from a lot of hard work, not just covering MMA, but many sports.