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  • What are some of the most successful ways you've used for marketing your blog?

    Do some social media outlets seem to be more helpful than others? Have you used any low-tech forms of marketing?

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    Truthfully, I'm too busy building cool technology to worry too much about my blog(s). I approach blogging the same way I approach software development. Make something great, (and make sure your open graph tags are in order, etc) and people will find it. Writing a blog just to have a blog is always a bad idea, and you're never going to get any traction from that. Write important things that other people haven't said before, or expose some of the challenges you face, and you'll get people interested. There is a LOT of content out there these days. Worry more about sharing great information than about marketing it to start off with.

    I've got a lot of followers on Twitter, which certainly helps, but if my content was garbage, my followers would soon learn not to bother clicking on my blog links.

    But maybe you shouldn't take marketing advice from a programming nerd ;)