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Contractor for next generation technology.

My name is Steven Garcia, Electrical Engineer core with a programming veneer would best describe my skills.

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  • What changes do you see in next generation technology in the next five years?

    Are there any specific products that you are looking forward to?

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    With new breakthroughs in femto-second lasers I cannot wait for holograms or actual 3D displays to be produced in the next five years. Similar to what we see in science fiction movies the new break through allows for light to be projected in free space. Sure virtual or augmented vision (where you wear your smart phone as goggles) can be fun but the ability for a room of people to interface with a multi-dimensional display seems limitless in potential. It would be like when technology went from punch cards to the first display screen then to the first computer monitor. In general the coming revolution in visual interface is going to be the next big change but I am crossing my fingers for the first actual Dejarik game board!