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My name is Steven Weinberg, A community organizer, urban planner, & youth development specialist worried how humans will coexist with advanced AI

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  • Where can you find funders who are looking to fund projects?

    In one of your previous answers you mentioned that people should respond to what the funder is looking for. Is there a database of funders and the projects they are looking for?

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    Great question.

    Here is one place to start.

    Sounds like once you get the hang of it, you'll be great.

    I also recommend using Google Alerts ( Set up alerts that pertain to the work that your organization does and you will start seeing news about other organizations who also do that kind of work and the new grants they received from funders.

    Bingo! You've found a funder that funds the kind of work you do.

    And when you start meeting with funders you think support the kind of work you do, one of the questions to ask them is which other funders might be interested in the kind of work you do.

    And I presume you belong to some sort of professional association of all of the organizations that do the kind of work your organization does. If not, join now if you are interested in finding out who funds them. You can attend meetings of the organization and learn a lot about funding from the other members who are further along in seeking outside funding.

    Sounds like a lot of homework. Let's hear back from you as you begin finding your way through all of this.