What was the whole recording process like when you worked with Apple?

Hi Susan, I'm curious how Apple found out about you and what exactly they told you when they approached you to do recordings for the company? Apple is known for their extreme secrecy even within the company, so did you have any idea what your voice recordings were going to be used for?

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Apple really had nothing to do with the recording process. They came in after the fact, and got my voice from a text-to-speech company called Nuance. Also, Apple didn't even create the Siri app. They bought it from Norwegian engineer/inventor Dag Kittlaus for $200,000,000, so I'm not even sure who chose my voice to be the original voice of Siri....Dag, or Steve Jobs!

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$200,000,000?!?! Wow had no idea! Thanks for taking the time to share with us Susan!