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I'm the CEO & Founder of loop88. The Marketing Platform for Pinterest.
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I Co-founded Wiselike. I'm the Product Guy.
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Professional matchmaker, resume editor, interview and career coach
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Web Developer, Aspiring Entrepreneur
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Marketing Strategist and Self-Proclaimed BRANDarchist
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English / Journalism / ESOL
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All you wanted to know about Advertising...
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Digital marketer, social media educator & speaker, PR & ad pro, Shorty Award winner.
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Making Big Data understandable in bite sized chunks.
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Social Media Savvy Professional
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Wedding Planning Guru!
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Online content coordinator traveling the world
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Currently Fighting Cancer and Staying Positive!
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I build products that allow advertisers to optimize their advertising on Facebook
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CEO and founder of ProMedia, a full service marketing company.
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I am here to create not consume
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Creative Marketing Technologist
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Quora Top Writer | Brand Strategist | Speaker
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Award-winning producer and meditation populist
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I made Pornhub fund our Degree Show and created #findmarcus.
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Clap Creative
Creative Web Design Studio from the very Heart of Los Angeles
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Aaron Lawrence
Design Manager at Pivotal Labs
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Lamar Morgan
Take TBTA (The Better Together Approach) to business networking
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Video Advertising Platform
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Ranky - Startup Marketing Made Perfect