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I create worlds.
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Author, Blogger and Senior Buyer
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NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author and RITA & Golden Heart Winner
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Fantasy/Sci-Fi Author of THE BLOOD OF NERYS
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Quora top writer, helpful/friendly Linux, UNIX, Cloud, Internet, Robotics expert.
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NYC Author | Actor | Playwright | Historian www.damondimarco.com
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I talked to Bert Sugar for over an hour and did not believe it was him.
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A #1 best-selling indie SciFi author of thirteen novels.
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I write NYT Best-selling fantasy novels & Hyper-Reality experiences at THE VOID.
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I'm an author and Internet radio host who enjoys giving back, promoting others.
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Author, Show Host, Trainer of The 5 Relationship Secrets
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Amazon & Nook #1 bestselling author
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Author of 'HAWTHORNE'
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Author of the The Benighted Saga
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Former wallflower turned super connector
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Grizzled Developer / Author Still Loving Programming After a Third Century
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I help people energize their lives with laughter, witty wisdom and outrageous stories
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#1 New York Times bestselling author.
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Author - The Son of God Series Experienced Classroom Teacher
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The Amazing Life Writer
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One of my photo books, Understanding Exposure, has sold more than a million copies.
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Author and writer of stories that touch the heart.
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Best-selling, award-winning author of erotic romance at Evernight Publishing
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Cookbook author and food blogger
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Author of Leaving Shangrila: The True Story of a Girl, Her Transformation and Escape
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New York Times Best-Selling Author of Children's Books
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Discovered the dinosaur Dreadnoughtus, a 65-ton behemoth from Patagonia.
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Amazon multi-bestselling author of 11 books.
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NY Times & USA Today bestselling novelist, futurist, and biotech executive
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Meet Christian Author Pam Funke
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New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.
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Amazon Best Selling Author/Independent Virtual Admin
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Award-winning Author | Entrepreneur | Graphic Designer | Inbound Marketer
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Former Senior VP of Technology at LivingSocial
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Obsessed with all things marketing!
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Author and podcaster
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I've written 3 books, have edited 40 novels, and have taught over 1200 students.
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Lover of Books, Reviewer, Homeschooler, Author, Tea Drinker and UK fanatic!
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Author of "Essential Oils for Healing"
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Voracious reader and book reviewer
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I have written, illustrated & published a book! "Have Your Cupcake & Eat It Too!"
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After raising 5 children, I went to school and became an author.
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I'm the author of the award winning Darcy Farthing mystery adventure series.
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Bestselling Award Winning Author of Erotic Romance
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Erotic Romance Author
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Consulting at Technicat LLC. Publishing Fugu Games and HyperBowl.
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Science Fiction Writer
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I'm pretty good at explaining the mysteries of the Universe
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Certified Career Coach | Executive Resume Writer
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Winner: Outstanding Woman In Business' Acquisition International Mar 2016
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An Author, Founder@Chef in a box India..Creator and a dreamer..
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Health Coach & Author of "The Healthy Chocoholic", cookbook free of gluten and dairy
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Author of "Loss and Growth: The Grief Spiral."
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Strategy @ Dell | amateur cyclist
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Nurse Educator, Innovator, Author & Advocate
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Designer of improvisational spaces
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Memoir Writer, Poet, Dreamer
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Entrepreneur - Social Media Strategist - Futurist
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I've written a million words plus.
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Psychotherapist & Author -- Twisted Family Holidays series and others.
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I wrote "Construction Collaboration Technology: The Extranet Evolution".
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Mixed-genres author, mixed-genres singer.
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Awakened Facilitator and Writer
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Nicole CampbellView last answer
Romance/Erotica Author
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I write about unmentionable things.
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Serial Entrepreneur, 2x Patent Holder and Podcaster @ The Frum Entrepreneur
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Brian ShipmanView last answer
CIO @ HA.com (Heritage Auctions). Author. Obsessed with "S" by JJ Abrams & Doug Dorst
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Romance Author at Limitless Publishing.
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Chaos. Disasters. Collapse. I can help you survive all that.
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Mary Elizabeth ThomasView last answer
Author of the up and coming Colorado Chronicles...historic, time travel stories.
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Author & Aviator with 13 New York Times best sellers
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Author. Photographer. Creative Entrepreneur.
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As C.A. Knoble I write enchanting stories that will seduce you, body and mind.
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Life Coach, Author of Meet the New You, Speaker and Founder of Moretobe.com
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Australia's leading expert and world authority on cybersafety.
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I'm a split-personality writer, publishing mystery, sci-fantasy, and fairy tale novel
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Liberating the innovation in your organization
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First female Deck Officer to sail in Shell tankers - when sexism was rife.
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SEO expert, best selling author, professional speaker
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Founder at Grokabilty, Inc., Creator of Snipe-IT, Co-Founder/CTO at Mass Mosaic
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Author of 20 books from best-selling to delightfully obscure. Yogi. Expat in Japan.
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Award winning Designer, Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker & CreativeLive Instructor
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I'm running for US Senate in Iowa and will defeat Senator Charles Grassley!
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I wrote a middle-grade mystery series named The Bayshore Mysteries.
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#1 Best Selling Author at 19
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Bestselling Author of Books of a Wide Range of Coverups & Conspiracies
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Congressional Candidate for Maryland's 3rd District
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I cofounded trycontento.com, fatturaconbilly.it and buro37.com
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Lover of Monsters
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Six-Time Author (http://goo.gl/m64Fcw), Former NCAA Rower, Entrepreneur
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E. Michael HarringtonView last answer
I connect things that aren't connected. Xenophile, Composer, Comprehensivist, Creator
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John KremerView last answer
Author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books & webmaster at BookMarketingBestsellers.com.
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Dorothy ThompsonView last answer
I'm Founder of Pump Up Your Book and author of Relationship Books.
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I am a Author, Entrepreneur who enjoys being creative.
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Mark O'NeillView last answer
I'm a Freelance Journalist, Bibliophile, Mental Health Advocate & Code Breaker
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Blaze LazaronyView last answer
Lighting the Way for Entrepreneurs!
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*Current candidate US Congress, FL-18, 2016 *Former candidate Congress, FL-22, 2002
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Kia Carrington-RussellView last answer
Award Winning Australian Author. Creator of different worlds.
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Dr. Nick MorganView last answer
I died. Came back to life. And became an expert in body language.
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Gary C. Bizzo, 畢格雷, APEC CBCView last answer
Business Startup Specialist, Mentor and CEO for Hire
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Rachel QuiltyView last answer
Your Personal Brand Advocate @ Jump The Q
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Award-winning BDSM Author and Educator
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Healed Major Illness over a Ten Year period, Self Published Book about the Journey.
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April Zyon AuthorView last answer
Evernight Publishing Author
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Leonard KimView last answer
Quora Top Writer | Brand Strategist | Speaker
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Best Selling Author and all around quirky person.
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Author: Web Analytics 2.0, WA: An Hour A Day | Digital marketing evangelist: Google
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Jordan WeismanView last answer
Creator of Shadowrun, MechWarrior, Crimson Skies, and many more
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John HarringtonView last answer
Washington DC Photographer
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Joan Gussow
Professor | Author | Environmentalist | US Food System Critic
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Alex Cox
British Film Director & Nonfiction Author
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Andy Beal
I wrote the book on Online Reputation Management...twice!
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Anthony Clendenen
Microsoft Configmgr expert, wannabe ultra-runner
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Hung Pham
Regular Joe Turned Entrepreneur After 8 Year Struggle With Addiction & Depression AMA
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I write romance so hot it should be criminal.
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Ramon Williamson
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Digital sociologist| Activist | Author | Queer
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Clayborne Carson
Stanford History Professor
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Rick Tramonto
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Lulu Brix Mahaini
I published a book, I teach emotional education and I have a PhD.
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Steve Liebowitz, Ed.D
Completed a Qualitative Dissertation
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Laura C. Cantu
Award Winning Author
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Tamara Leigh
USA Today Bestselling, Award-Winning Author
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Jillian Keenan
I'm a writer in New York.
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Ilona Lakatos
Humility and literature to the people. The words are composed of a set of
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PAULA Sewell
I am a retired teacher and have authored my first book.
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M. Pax
Dimensions in Fiction
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Sabrina Rodriguez
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Pedro Alexandre Tavares
Founder and Chief Architect at CloudLabs.international - Java Subject Matter|Author