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Consumer advocate with various internet blog sites on interesting issues.
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Laura is a distinguished author, speaker, and educator.
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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
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Author, Blogger and Senior Buyer
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Hi! this is SPAKSU
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Bias Toward Action: Helping Others Get Sh!t Done.
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Aspiring to be a pastor to share the Gospel Good News
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Cookbook author and food blogger
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Founder of the Choose a Way series, World Traveler, Blogger behind OneWeirdGlobe.com
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Meet Christian Author Pam Funke
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Cooking Up a New Recipe for Learning
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courageously honest. anonymous author. ask me anything, I'll tell you the truth.
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I write both Code and Philosophy
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Blogger at Comfort is for Wimps
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Professional photographer since 35 years
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I help people make sense of Judaism.
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Lover of Books, Reviewer, Homeschooler, Author, Tea Drinker and UK fanatic!
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Voracious reader and book reviewer
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I'm the friend Boomers call who want to make the rest of life the best of life.
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Husband. Father. Educator. Nerd.
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Award-Winning Blogger, Social Media Manager, and Entrepreneur
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An Author, Founder@Chef in a box India..Creator and a dreamer..
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I help experts write and publish compelling self-help and how-to books.
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Memoir Writer, Poet, Dreamer
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I write things for Opensource.com and I'm a huge open source enthusiast.
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Fullstack Web Developer, CEO of Brew
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Clarity Alchemist. Entrepreneur & Lifestyle Strategy Coach. Law of Attraction Coach.
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I'm a blogger
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Quest for self-reinvention
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Social Strategy Lead @ Mediacom & Founder @ YeahThatsKosher.com
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I decode the mysteries behind the workings of the internet. I also make internet.
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Author. Photographer. Creative Entrepreneur.
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Helping you spearhead an intentional life of growth.
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Family Focus Blog Founder
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Life Coach, Author of Meet the New You, Speaker and Founder of Moretobe.com
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Founder of the business app discovery platform MAQTOOB
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Co-founder @ galilea3.com, the multilingual freelance marketplace
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Liberating the innovation in your organization
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First female Deck Officer to sail in Shell tankers - when sexism was rife.
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Founder @Lean On, Social & Content Marketer, Blogger, Lecturer
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Award winning Designer, Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker & CreativeLive Instructor
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Arianna Huffington invited me to write on HuffPost & I am a CTO of a pre-seed startup
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Lover of Monsters
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I connect things that aren't connected. Xenophile, Composer, Comprehensivist, Creator
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Currently Fighting Cancer and Staying Positive!
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Interior designer 30 years, HGTV Designers Challenge, Published BH&G & Cover SDHG/L
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Award Winning Australian Author. Creator of different worlds.
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Super AL B Da Blogger World
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Gary C. Bizzo, 畢格雷, APEC CBCView last answer
Business Startup Specialist, Mentor and CEO for Hire
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Internet geek , Software engineer , Salesforce developer.
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Drove an RV to 49 states in 2014-15 as I worked an hourly job in every all 50 states.
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Motivational Coach Helping Others to Become Their Best Selves
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Leonard KimView last answer
Quora Top Writer | Brand Strategist | Speaker
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Clap Creative
Creative Web Design Studio from the very Heart of Los Angeles
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Nichelle Stephens
Award Winning Social Media Strategist
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Hillel Fuld
CMO Zula, Startup Advisor, Tech Blogger (The Next Web, Venturebeat, Business Insider)
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Ajay Deep
Serial Entrepreneur and Blogger
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Anthony Clendenen
Microsoft Configmgr expert, wannabe ultra-runner
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Holly Klingler
Inside Business Cool Tech Award Winner "Coolest Blogger"
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Ron Callari
Social Media Scientist, Author & Tsūthsayer
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Digital sociologist| Activist | Author | Queer
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Tânia Sequinho
I launched my first blog at 14, my first radio show at 21 and my career in IT at 23.
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Andrea Kozari
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Arpit Bhayani
Pasionate Programmer, Full-Stack Developer, Mentor
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Kerim Friedman 傅可恩
Anthropologist, Filmmaker, Blogger
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Dhiraj Das
Professional Blogger
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The One whom you cannot predict...
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Chiang HungChun