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I Co-founded Wiselike. I'm the Product Guy.
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brenton vandenbosch
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Designer at Google since 2012. Chrome, Chrome OS and Android.
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Product Designer at @Instagram. Building @SanFrancitizens. Go-getter.
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Dream big, create bigger
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Hi :) I am glad to meet you here). Let"s gooo
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I create worlds.
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Self-taught designer, developer, business consultant and serial entreprenuer.
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Hi! this is SPAKSU
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I have mixed experience in design, art, trend research, CMF, business and management.
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Mobile Design Manager @Netflix
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Not Perfect Person, Compulsive Gambler
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Student, Full-Stack Developer, Mentor
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Designer, coder, marketer, entrepreneur, animal lover, husband, perpetual student.
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Quora top writer, helpful/friendly Linux, UNIX, Cloud, Internet, Robotics expert.
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Owner of Life Image, LLC - professional photography, video production & graphic arts
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I am Founder/CEO of Recommendo, the most advanced evangelism marketing tool ever
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I: find dead people; have nerdgasms; own a record label; voice a cartoon rabbit.
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Product Designer | Previously at PEOPLE Magazine, Adobe, and Flipboard
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Web & Digital Media Intern @ The Walt Disney Company. Freelance WebDev. Musician.
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Creative. Entrepreneur. Collaborator. Minimalist.
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Accomplished author, blogger, serial entrepreneur and software engineer.
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Retired software engineer. Learnt a dozen programming languages. They all suck.
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I researched Generative Design in Architecture for Autodesk
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I helped found the field of Human Computer Interaction.
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Cooking Up a New Recipe for Learning
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Author of "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products"
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Chief of Product/Design at UXCam
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Full Stack Ninja
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English / Journalism / ESOL
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Crafting mobile and desktop products
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Assistant Professor
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Entrepreneur - Social Media Strategist - Futurist
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5 Time Coty Award Winning Designer
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Creativity advocate supporting parents in cultivating children's creativity.
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Hi 👋
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Design Lead, Firefox Mobile. Creator of hit indie game Lastronaut.
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I founded one of the world's best known infographic design agencies.
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Trying to change the world!
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Co-founder at Gogohire
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Former CEO of SideGuide (exited)
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Founder of Ways We Work
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I am an artist, writer and know copious amounts of trivial things.
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Quest for self-reinvention
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Product Designer @Bitpool
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Developing new generation UI for large scale applications.
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Designer | Artist | Aikidoka
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I am free to work on any project of my choice on Freelancer.com
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French student. Currently Art Director intern at TBWA\Corporate (Paris)
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I never went to school and now I'm an artist, world traveler and media consultant
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Co-Founder @TouchLay
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Multidisciplinary Graphic Designer
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Javascript Lover and constant Learner.
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Worked in architecture now I work in software. Same problems different mediums.
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Founder: Done & Dusted Design; international branding and brand strategy; speaker
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Product & Interaction Designer in Sunny Singapore!
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I created the world's best compression server and IMDb for Products
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Award winning Designer, Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker & CreativeLive Instructor
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Draws pictures and think about users. Sometimes codes. Geek.
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Web Designer: portfolio, blogs, store and other.
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Civil Engineer
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I help students in 25 countries find their career paths - for free.
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Owner & CEO of The Mast Farm Inn
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Optimist, dreamer, question asker and answers seeker.
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I'm a designer.
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I'm the one you call when you need a pep talk! I'll assure you you can.
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Always Creating.
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Interior designer 30 years, HGTV Designers Challenge, Published BH&G & Cover SDHG/L
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I rebranded, & am now the editor of, an industry leading community of bloggers.
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CEO and founder of ProMedia, a full service marketing company.
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Societal entrepreneur & designer. I co-founded 2 businesses before reaching 23yo.
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Illustrator | Cartoonist | Designer
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Student of design at UCLA
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Young Entrepreneur, Founded an Online Shopping Company in 3rd year of Btech Degree.
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Writer, Student & Entrepreneur
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Product experience executive
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After graduation, I went to SF for a conference, and never left.
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Founder of Ludu
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I've built and sold several niche product companies.
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Design Manager @Airbnb
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CMO & cofounder of loop88. Whisky & Tough Mudder Enthusiast.
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Designer & Traveller
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Creator of Shadowrun, MechWarrior, Crimson Skies, and many more
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Adam WebberView last answer
Design App Thinking and all things StartUp related.
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Helped design and launch many successful online products!
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Lauren DormanView last answer
Front-End Dev & Designer.
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gabriel mottView last answer
Activating you, mapping digital color in the non-digital world
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Clap Creative
Creative Web Design Studio from the very Heart of Los Angeles
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Heather Leineweber Robison
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Chirag Agarwal
I introduce offline businesses to the online world
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woshirlon ah
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Jude Dias
The name is Jude and I've been saved by Jesus. I love all things design.
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Tay Yang Shun
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Brian Moore
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Alex Romero
I design apps, including hagtap, snapcoach and more
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Richardson Dackam
I'm a self taught Senior Fullstack Developer. I code, I design I build.
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Toby Bartlett
I am a design consultant, digital media specialist and visual artist.
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TJ Purewal
Unlocking my best self.
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Sebastian Lacle
web designer / front end developer
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Stacey Wilson
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Kyle Treleaven
BrainStation Vancouver
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Olivier Clerc
I patented the time-stopper.
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Andre J Cook
I design, engineer, project manage and start tech companies
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Mike Lovas
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Digital Marketing
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Amelia "Missy" Titus
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Aaron Lawrence
Design Manager at Pivotal Labs
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Edwin Tofslie
Helping lay down the foundation of the web & interactive design since 1998.
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Adam Helweh
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Software Developer. AI enthusiast
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Viduthalai Mani
UI Developer
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Daniel Brinneman
Follower of Jesus
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Troy Tyler Brock
30 years old and have been a master plumber for the last 10 years
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Shawn Davis
I know a little bit of everything, and a lot about nothing.
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Anastasia Minak
Business consultancy on how to develop custom, successful iOS and Android apps
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I design beautiful and functional apps.
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Margret Schmidt
TiVo's head of design for 15 years. Primetime Emmy Award winner.
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Gorbie Channarong Sophonrat
Graphic Designer for Thoughtful Media Group (Thailand)
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Arpit Bhayani
Pasionate Programmer, Full-Stack Developer, Mentor
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Alana Mariano
My metabolism + appetite is legendary.
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I am a proficient academic writer
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Veronika Brie
Designer, Writer & Nature Lover
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Ken Tsai
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Ana hamza
Junior UX AND UI designer
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Celina M
I believe I can be a bit of an octopus, it is both blessing and curse.
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Ben S
Designer of digital things. Co-founder of Cohort. Student of Japanese & Spanish.
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James Lee
To design is to deeply care.
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Am a creative content writer with several online writing account being the best.
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Tim Norton
VP Product Management @ Machina
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Sean Patrick John Paul George RingoDoran
UX/UI • Named after The Beatles • Co-organizer of a meetup group w/ 1,800+ peeps
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Designer @ Ubigreen , Happy Dad
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Daniel Fortin Courtier Immobilier
Courtier Immobilier chez RE/MAX Du Cartier Realestate Broker at RE/MAX Du Cartier
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Adam Beckford
Just a man
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Desiree Ontiveros
Queen Bee| Latex Enthusiast|Founder of Badass Balloon Co.
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Rodrigo Aldrett
I invent the future.
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Anurag Dwivedi
Travel to Offbeat Places | Startups | Himalayas | Trekking | Geek to Live!
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Gibrana Ara
Just kicking the tires
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Mia Wang
did something quiet different in my mid ages.
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Gi Chin Cheung
Design studio co-founder. Work for both customers and self-initiated projects.
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data journalism
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Will He
I don’t have anything
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HCI Researcher and Game Developer
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Tiago Dias Miranda
Co-designing PlayGround DO: activating massive collaboration towards a new society.
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Don Watson
Manager at Gardening Services Manchester, music fan, proud traveller
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Thomas Chapman
Marketer, dreamer and music lover
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Ajoke Emekene
I started an animation company.