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Designer at Google since 2012. Chrome, Chrome OS and Android.
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Never Settle
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Silicon Valley software engineer for 20 years
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Marketing Strategist and Self-Proclaimed BRANDarchist
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I am a software engineer at Google[x], working on Glass.
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VP of Product and Eng @ Google Maps
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Social Strategy Lead @ Mediacom & Founder @ YeahThatsKosher.com
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Designer | Artist | Aikidoka
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Digital Consultant & Community Builder
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CEO @ Digg
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Transgender entrepreneur living a happy life
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SEO expert, best selling author, professional speaker
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Sales acceleration and optimization expert (and former bag carrying member)
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Co-founded and sold $1B+ company. Global Director @ Google.
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Creating moonshots at Google[x]. Mentoring startups and students.
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Chris Buck
I've Been Taking Pictures Professionally for 27 years
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Matt Wiseman
Helped build YouTube Content ID, payments and reports & ads systems
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Hillel Fuld
CMO Zula, Startup Advisor, Tech Blogger (The Next Web, Venturebeat, Business Insider)
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Derek Minter
I've gone through YC as a Lead Recruiter, and I'm the Founder of Honeybadgr
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Brennan O'Donnell
father, husband | surveymonkey, yammer, google
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Sandra Liu
10 year career across Google, Facebook & Quora
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Charlie Ayers
I'm the Former Executive Chef for Google
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Lance Morgan
I Make Vision = Reality. How Can I Help You?
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Daisuke Danny Miyoshi
Growth Marketer
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John Rigato
Software engineer at google