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I Co-founded Wiselike. I'm the Product Guy.
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Mobile Design Manager @Netflix
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VC at Flybridge. Co-founded WeWork Labs. Investor in 15 companies and counting.
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Quora top writer, helpful/friendly Linux, UNIX, Cloud, Internet, Robotics expert.
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Owner of Life Image, LLC - professional photography, video production & graphic arts
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Studio Head @5ivehat | Angel Investor| Entrepreneur |Full-Stack Designer | Instructor
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Chief of Product/Design at UXCam
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First VP of Product for Target & Lululemon / alanwizemann.com and product.wtf
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Former Designer in Residence at an Israel-based VC. Now Director of Design for Eved.
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Founder and CEO of m4maths.com
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AR/VR Producer, Investor and Entrepreneur
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Bootstrapped, scaled, and sold a startup. AMA.
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I know the best places to eat in TLV and I have 10 years of Mobile Product Management
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Design Lead, Firefox Mobile. Creator of hit indie game Lastronaut.
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I've seen 1000s of startups launch and now help new ones to do it right!
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Co-Founder @TouchLay
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Founder of the business app discovery platform MAQTOOB
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Co-Founder & COO of a 3D Printing Marketplace
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I invented the selfie stick for smartphones and digital cameras
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Draws pictures and think about users. Sometimes codes. Geek.
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Ari SussmanView last answer
Leading Product Management for one of Boston's hottest startups
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I'm a designer.
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Idea Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Author, Perpetual Student, Maker, Tinkerer
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Physics and Philosophy grad
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Product experience executive
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I work at Hiree, online recruitment platform that aims at 20x faster hiring.
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I accelerated 76 startups in the last 2 years. A record in Brazil.
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Justin KnowlesView last answer
I've built and sold several niche product companies.
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Turns good ideas into great products and can MVP any idea
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David HollabaughView last answer
Making kids beg to do chores with an App
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Helped design and launch many successful online products!
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Derrick Choi
Software Engineer at Apple
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Greg Biggers
I grow products & companies. e.g. Xing, Responsys, Choridant, SenseLabs, Genomera.
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Christopher Yu
Product Lead @ Betable
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Josh Garellek
CEO and Founder Arctic Empire and Jump Natural.
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Abdul Vahab
Startup guy - Now building product in Events domain
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Minal Mehta
Product Leader @ Amazon, LinkedIn & various startups. Career Coach @ HBS.
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Viduthalai Mani
UI Developer
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Stuart Guest-Smith
I create fitness technology products like an animal - raw, natural and real
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Mike Williams
Product & Growth @Thinkbox.io
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Theis Søndergaard
Co-founder, COO, Vivino
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Zhou Kenneth
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Aravind Ingale
Consultant (IT Recruiter) for E Commerce, Product and Startup Companies at CareerNet
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Product Manager that ships and ships and ships and ships.....