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I'm the CEO & Founder of loop88. The Marketing Platform for Pinterest.
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Been in the early stage of media experiments/movements
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I Co-founded Wiselike. I'm the Product Guy.
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Serial Startup CTO
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brenton vandenbosch
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Founder at TheBestNotary
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I make technology go!
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Veteran Development Manager, Project Manager, Scrum Master & Consultant for Startups
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I've built software products used in 70 countries by millions of people.
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I build startups faster than 95% of my peers by focusing on what matters: the people.
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I am a co-founder of Keurig Inc. (now Keurig Green Mountain)
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VC at Flybridge. Co-founded WeWork Labs. Investor in 15 companies and counting.
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Student, Full-Stack Developer, Mentor
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Quora top writer, helpful/friendly Linux, UNIX, Cloud, Internet, Robotics expert.
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I am a person who loves to help other become the best that they can be!
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I am Founder/CEO of Recommendo, the most advanced evangelism marketing tool ever
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I created the philanthropy initiative Startups Give Back.
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I am a sixteen year old social entrepreneur.
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Entrepreneur with VC backed company
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The First Quality Avenger
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We help people without degrees find careers they love.
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CEO/Founder @ Wiselike
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courageously honest. anonymous author. ask me anything, I'll tell you the truth.
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CEO & Co-founder Safello, listed 100 most influential in Fintech
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Former Senior VP of Technology at LivingSocial
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Studio Head @5ivehat | Angel Investor| Entrepreneur |Full-Stack Designer | Instructor
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Author of "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products"
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Develop your path in life and business
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Silicon Valley software engineer for 20 years
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Q&A is now closed, but the answers will continue to be here for everyone to see.
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Moz founder, author, blogger, husband to @everywhereist, & feminist.
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I have started five businesses and host the Go For Launch podcast.
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Former Designer in Residence at an Israel-based VC. Now Director of Design for Eved.
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An Author, Founder@Chef in a box India..Creator and a dreamer..
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Founder / Technical Director of 4 startups, successfully exited 1 in trade sale.
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Brice PollockView last answer
Adventurer, Senior Mobile Engineer @ Coursera and Apple Alum
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Hedge fund portfolio manager by 27.
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AR/VR Producer, Investor and Entrepreneur
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Bootstrapped, scaled, and sold a startup. AMA.
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Entrepreneur - Social Media Strategist - Futurist
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CTO and Cofounder at PlexChat
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Henk HolveckView last answer
When what you have defines you, rather than whom you are, that is wasted life."
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Hi 👋
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I founded one of the world's best known infographic design agencies.
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Juan AlvarezView last answer
COO, and Bus Deputy at Soundctl the Audio API for developers.
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TaskRabbit Chief Architect and Technical Co-founder
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Chris ConreyView last answer
I help build sales and business process for startups and small businesses.
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Follow your bliss!
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Derek AndersenView last answer
Founder @ StartupGrind
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I've seen 1000s of startups launch and now help new ones to do it right!
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Eric J QuanView last answer
I disciple, advise and invest in Gospel-centered entrepreneurs.
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Three-time entrepreneur with one successful exit, working on the next...
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SEO professional and Digital Strategist since 2001.
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Kai BlackmanView last answer
I wrote an e-book to help empaths find happiness.
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I like to travel in Business. My preferred vehicle is technology as of now.
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Co-Founder @TouchLay
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CTO @ AWeber
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I helped build the world's largest starting point for entrepreneurs creating startups
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Lu FranklandView last answer
I make things for companies big and small
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Yaniv GoldenbergView last answer
Director of Digital Strategy at Crazy Diamond Tech / Startup Advisor
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Mohammed PitolwalaView last answer
Product & Interaction Designer in Sunny Singapore!
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Ilya Movshovich is the Co-founder and CEO of CARMAnation
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Fletcher RichmanView last answer
Startup founder in college // VC @ 23
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Amit MauskarView last answer
Launched multiple software projects for Fortune 500 companies
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Shervin TaliehView last answer
Founder @PartnerHero. I know how to scale/improve startup operations.
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Kristyna ZapletalovaView last answer
Founder of the business app discovery platform MAQTOOB
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Nick SchwinghamerView last answer
Co-Founder & COO of a 3D Printing Marketplace
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Co-founder @ galilea3.com, the multilingual freelance marketplace
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Marcus WickesView last answer
Digital Marketing Entrepreneur
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Founder & CEO of Skyforge, additive manufacturing software startup.
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Megan HarrisView last answer
Social Media Savvy Professional
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Transgender entrepreneur living a happy life
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Founder at Grokabilty, Inc., Creator of Snipe-IT, Co-Founder/CTO at Mass Mosaic
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Digital Nomad 4 years on the road | Entrepreneur | 80+ countries
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I created the world's best compression server and IMDb for Products
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#1 Best Selling Author at 19
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Former Special Education Teacher, now Venture Capitalist
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Arianna Huffington invited me to write on HuffPost & I am a CTO of a pre-seed startup
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Damir BecirovicView last answer
Venture Capitalist @ Index Ventures
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Co-founder and CEO of Pluto Money Inc.
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Engineer by education. Story teller, community builder, sales enabler by profession.
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Rudolph RegterView last answer
Combine Cable and Energy and be awarded most customer centric firm in the same year.
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I have led PR and strategy for over 100 startup launches.
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Jason DuMarsView last answer
Agile Operations and DevOps Evangelist, Author, Engraver
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Ross BlankenshipView last answer
Six-Time Author (http://goo.gl/m64Fcw), Former NCAA Rower, Entrepreneur
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Evan RapoportView last answer
Creating moonshots at Google[x]. Mentoring startups and students.
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Daniel James ScottView last answer
"Raising the profile of the region as a tech hub." Florida Trend Magazine
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Henri DeschampsView last answer
Owner & CEO of The Mast Farm Inn
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Two successful exits in the last 4 years, master in Consumer Psychology.
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Ryan AbramsView last answer
I build and implement digital Analytics solutions for startups.
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Hal GottfriedView last answer
Idea Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Author, Perpetual Student, Maker, Tinkerer
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Shibichakravarthy KannanView last answer
Physician Scientist, computational biologist, cancer genomics, cancer diagnostics
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Brewing up something new.
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Usman MajeedView last reply
CEO & Founder TechTwurl.com & UseProtection.me
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Terence DesclainView last answer
Societal entrepreneur & designer. I co-founded 2 businesses before reaching 23yo.
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Gary C. Bizzo, 畢格雷, APEC CBCView last answer
Business Startup Specialist, Mentor and CEO for Hire
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Keshav BoraView last answer
Young Entrepreneur, Founded an Online Shopping Company in 3rd year of Btech Degree.
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Ryan FolandView last answer
I am a communication strategist who helps people overcome their speaking fears.
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I am the founder of Giffiti
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Claire TopalianView last reply
I'm 27 and I've led Communications for an international NPO and a 7-person startup.
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Engin BodurView last answer
Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking Enthusiast
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Rohit GuptaView last answer
I designed the machine that tested the Pentium 4.
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Leonard KimView last answer
Quora Top Writer | Brand Strategist | Speaker
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Robert ReddickView last answer
Charlotte area startup guy. HyperCard certified. Apple approved.
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I trained the US Army, Navy, Marines, DoD, FBI & NSA in hacking and countermeasures.
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Tamar WeinbergView last reply
Professional hustler. I run a Linux server in my basement. I like the Internets.
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I work at Hiree, online recruitment platform that aims at 20x faster hiring.
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I accelerated 76 startups in the last 2 years. A record in Brazil.
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Jorge ArturoView last reply
Organizer, Ops & Program Mgr @nodejsmx.
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David MarshallView last answer
A masseur, with a simple, open and honest approach to delivering great service.
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Fredrik OlovssonView last answer
Empowering Slacktivism with Creddon
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Hrish LotlikarView last answer
Founding Managing Partner, Eastlabs; ChannelPartner,Senior Business Developer,Toptal
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Launched exabyte scale Object Storage System for building Cloud datacenter.
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David HollabaughView last answer
Making kids beg to do chores with an App
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Adam WebberView last answer
Design App Thinking and all things StartUp related.
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Started a company as a uni student and moved to Copenhagen to work for a startup
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Head of SEO at Ranky, Startup Advisor
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Another VC @GraniteVentures. Love good food and tech. Back authentic founders.
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Cofounder and CEO of 1776, a global incubator
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gabriel mottView last answer
Activating you, mapping digital color in the non-digital world
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Julian MillerView last answer
CEO of Learnmetrics
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Kevin William David
Lunatic Hustler & Gladiator in the Startup Arena.
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Mohammad Alzahrani
The founder and Editor-in-Cheif @ appleful.com
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Derrick Choi
Software Engineer at Apple
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Nicholas Woodhams
I love building companies and products.
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Guy Kawasaki
Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist of Canva
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Hillel Fuld
CMO Zula, Startup Advisor, Tech Blogger (The Next Web, Venturebeat, Business Insider)
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Yossi Gorin
UX/UI designer
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Ajay Deep
Serial Entrepreneur and Blogger
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Yudai Ogawa
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Derek Minter
I've gone through YC as a Lead Recruiter, and I'm the Founder of Honeybadgr
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Gwen Yi
Redefining higher education at Minerva Schools
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George Drg
I am running 10 projects at a time.
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Daniel Glassow Friis Laursen
I "co-founded" my magnificent son, Trendsonline and some other stuff
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Ross McKelvie
I am the Lead Engineer at Favor Delivery and anonymously launched a viral startup.
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Paolo Martorino
I'm a serial entrepreneur building startups from zero to fast growth
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Elton Luís Minetto
Co-founder of @coderockr. Zend Framework Evangelist. Author of http://bit.ly/zf2napra
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Abdul Vahab
Startup guy - Now building product in Events domain
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Justin Szlasa
startups, round the world backpacker, doc filmmaker, family guy
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Launch Festival
Launch Festival 2016 Q&A
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Hannah Frost
Changing the ratio, one startup at a time
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Andre J Cook
I design, engineer, project manage and start tech companies
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Joseph Jude
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Tim Hampson
Founder at SalesSeek
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Alan Johnson ⭐️
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Ben Parr
Author of Captivology; Venture capitalist and journalist. Forbes 30 Under 30.
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Adam Helweh
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Minal Mehta
Product Leader @ Amazon, LinkedIn & various startups. Career Coach @ HBS.
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Rushikesh Bandekar
All Things EdTech
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I have worked in 3 big startups!
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Stuart Levinson
I've started and exited two startups, now working on a third.
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Kathleen Smith
Startup Content Marketing Expert
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Arpit Bhayani
Pasionate Programmer, Full-Stack Developer, Mentor
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Jeff Glennon
Founder, Sherpa Project Delivery, Inc
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Tommy Fad
Successfully started up and exited.
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Lauren Holliday
Creator of the first full stack marketer course https://hackthejobhunt.com
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Avinash Bajaj