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Consumer advocate with various internet blog sites on interesting issues.
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brenton vandenbosch
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Writer and Editor
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UFC Reporter: The Sun
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Author, Blogger and Senior Buyer
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NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author and RITA & Golden Heart Winner
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Fantasy/Sci-Fi Author of THE BLOOD OF NERYS
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Quora top writer, helpful/friendly Linux, UNIX, Cloud, Internet, Robotics expert.
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Bias Toward Action: Helping Others Get Sh!t Done.
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I write NYT Best-selling fantasy novels & Hyper-Reality experiences at THE VOID.
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Award Winning Photographer, writer & campaigner
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Author, Show Host, Trainer of The 5 Relationship Secrets
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Amazon & Nook #1 bestselling author
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Author of 'HAWTHORNE'
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Author of It's Time to Sell - Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set
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Grizzled Developer / Author Still Loving Programming After a Third Century
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I am a creative, Public Relations Professional
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Best-selling, award-winning author of erotic romance at Evernight Publishing
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Cookbook author and food blogger
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Author of Leaving Shangrila: The True Story of a Girl, Her Transformation and Escape
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New York Times Best-Selling Author of Children's Books
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Survivor of multiple life assaulting challenges.
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Award-winning author of the Deputy Ricos Tales series and two other novels.
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Amazon multi-bestselling author of 11 books.
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I helped found the field of Human Computer Interaction.
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Amazon Best Selling Author/Independent Virtual Admin
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courageously honest. anonymous author. ask me anything, I'll tell you the truth.
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Author and podcaster
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"I create Realities. I Exhilerate : I envigorate Desires."
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Blogger at Comfort is for Wimps
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I've written 3 books, have edited 40 novels, and have taught over 1200 students.
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I'm an author and illustrator. I write and illustrate…
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I'm the friend Boomers call who want to make the rest of life the best of life.
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I'm the author of the award winning Darcy Farthing mystery adventure series.
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Husband. Father. Educator. Nerd.
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Award-Winning Blogger, Social Media Manager, and Entrepreneur
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An Entrepreneur, DJ, Designer, Developer. Founder of @UrbanwayLLC.
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Erotic Romance Author
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Consulting at Technicat LLC. Publishing Fugu Games and HyperBowl.
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Science Fiction Writer
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International best-selling author.
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Writing Coach
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I am a decent writer, a fairly good teacher, and a lousy runner.
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I travel the world and share my work with millions of viewers worldwide
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I wrote "Construction Collaboration Technology: The Extranet Evolution".
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Awakened Facilitator and Writer
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Clarity Alchemist. Entrepreneur & Lifestyle Strategy Coach. Law of Attraction Coach.
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Young Adult Author of the Chronicles of the Interred series
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Romance/Erotica Author
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CIO @ HA.com (Heritage Auctions). Author. Obsessed with "S" by JJ Abrams & Doug Dorst
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Eclectic inhabitant from the UK
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Romance Author at Limitless Publishing.
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Chaos. Disasters. Collapse. I can help you survive all that.
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I wrote an e-book to help empaths find happiness.
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Author. Photographer. Creative Entrepreneur.
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Head Writer of Live Action Content at Rooster Teeth Productions
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Family Focus Blog Founder
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As C.A. Knoble I write enchanting stories that will seduce you, body and mind.
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Comic Book Creator
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Founder of the business app discovery platform MAQTOOB
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writer + philosophy student
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Writer and researcher
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LinkedIn Profile Writer: I make you visible, legible and credible.
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Satire Writer, Occasional Poet, Bored Software Developer
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First female Deck Officer to sail in Shell tankers - when sexism was rife.
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SEO expert, best selling author, professional speaker
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Author of 20 books from best-selling to delightfully obscure. Yogi. Expat in Japan.
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Award winning Designer, Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker & CreativeLive Instructor
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Creative Genius
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Arianna Huffington invited me to write on HuffPost & I am a CTO of a pre-seed startup
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Eternal adventurer in the endless sea of wild life.
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Author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books & webmaster at BookMarketingBestsellers.com.
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I write about fairies, orcs, and elves. Zombies, too.
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I'm a Freelance Journalist, Bibliophile, Mental Health Advocate & Code Breaker
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Book Author, Designer, Poet, Pilot Writer and Inventor !
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Best-Selling Author
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I'm the one you call when you need a pep talk! I'll assure you you can.
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I'm addicted to writing. How can I help?
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Award Winning Australian Author. Creator of different worlds.
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Illustrator | Cartoonist | Designer
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Business Startup Specialist, Mentor and CEO for Hire
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Founder of GrowMap.com & many mentoring collaborations.
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Drove an RV to 49 states in 2014-15 as I worked an hourly job in every all 50 states.
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Award-winning BDSM Author and Educator
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Motivational Coach Helping Others to Become Their Best Selves
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Quora Top Writer | Brand Strategist | Speaker
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Tu Pham NguyenView last answer
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Award-winning writer, scientist, book author, and perception engineer.
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Poet | Broadcaster | Writer | Professor | Lecturer.
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A social media theorist, journalist, editor and SMM.
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Kai Blackman
I wrote a book to help empaths find happiness
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Hung Pham
Regular Joe Turned Entrepreneur After 8 Year Struggle With Addiction & Depression AMA
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I write romance so hot it should be criminal.
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Jose De La Torre
First generation college student.
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Julie Brown
I like to make a difference in people's lives.
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Staceyann Chin
Spoken-word poet, Performing Artist & LGBT rights political activist
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I Am Who I Am, Who Else Could I Be?
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Laura C. Cantu
Award Winning Author
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Tamara Leigh
USA Today Bestselling, Award-Winning Author
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Kathleen Smith
Startup Content Marketing Expert
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Lynn Sullivan
Good listener
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Michele Runyan
I love to write
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M. Pax
Dimensions in Fiction
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Moeed Alam