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I help startups with solving problems using technology.

My name is Taher, I have 7+ years of experience in the industry with technologies like RoR, MySQL, NodeJs, Angular, C#.net, ASP.net MVC

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  • Which coding skills do you believe will become the most useful?

    Google stopped support for Java in Chrome. Will this cause changes in which coding skills developers will need in the coming years?

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    Google stopped support for Java Applets. It was a very old technology and now we have better (faster) alternatives i.e. HTML 5. The most useful skills, according to me, is learning to learn. If your programming foundations are strong, you can learn any new technology / framework.

    Technology today is changing very fast. So any programmer cannot learn one language and keep working on that. We should constantly adapt the new technologies.

    If you want to learn to code, then you should start with

    - C- C++- JavaScript- HTML- CSS

    Learning these languages will help you build web, mobile apps and will also help learn few advanced programming languages (like C#, Java, Ruby, Python etc.)

    Hope this helps.