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Professional hustler. I run a Linux server in my basement. I like the Internets.

My name is Tamar Weinberg, I published a book. Help build startups. Live in "real time," turning customers into evangelists. I also build my PCs.

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  • How do you manage your time with so many interests?

    It seems to me that you have a lot going on professionally as well as personally. I'm also someone who has a long list of hobbies I enjoy. I write, I work a lot, etc. I'm to the point in my life where I'm about to start a family but there are always so many demands for my time. Do you teach juggling [tasks]? *laughs*

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    Haha, thanks Samantha. (I also have three kids, 6, 3, and 11 months!)

    I feel that there's no one-size-fits-all answer for this for anyone, but this is what works for me: I insist for any job I do that I work from home, limiting any type of travel (even to a local office once in awhile where I lose time to a commute). What this means is that my day is dedicated to my family and my professional responsibilities. I am by no means anything of a 9 to 5er, or a 9-6er. Instead, I avail myself to the professional tasks I have at hand from morning until night, and I aspire to respond within real time (it's a core component of what I do), but I make sure to take breaks that address my basic needs as a human (and parent)! That means yeah, I'll get out of bed, help my kids and get them to school, do some work, and then, at maybe 11am, I'll hop in the shower when things seem to be settling down a bit. :)

    Time management is also paramount for this. I make sure always never to bite off more than I can chew. I am very strict about ensuring I follow my deadlines, keeping and maintaining inbox zero and making sure my to-do list is always empty for the day's tasks.

    I have help with the kids and the baby, but since I am a workaholic, I make sure to have my baby brought to me before and after naptime so that I can spend a little playtime with her, or even for a cuddle. Small things like that make a lot of difference, since normally I am cooped up alone in an office all day!

    I should note that I'm not building computers that often, or writing books at all that often. I build a new computer every 2-3 years. I authored my book in 2009 and am not sure I'll be writing again. I like to write but that's tied into the work I do right now.

    At the end of the day, it boils down to making sure my time is effectively being managed, so that I do what needs to be done first and foremost, and everything comes after that. I'm pretty sane so I think it's working well for me!

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    Impressive. :) I'm pretty good at managing my own time currently but as more is added over time I'm concerned I will get overwhelmed. A good example of this is with my family obligations. I always make sure to set aside a small amount of time for decompression and recharge, but then there are umpteen weddings, birthdays, come-over-for-dinners, and baby showers that gobble up all the free time. I try to make sure to go to all the most important ones but there's not always a lot of understanding there.

    The way you handle things is the way I should be handling my own task list. I probably just need to get better at it! Thanks for the answer!

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    That's where you need to say NO to things. I realize everything sounds great (especially when it relates to making more $$$), but you end up being no good at any one thing and mediocre at everything. Do something to take your core focus and rock it out. That's my work advice.

    For personal stuff, well, you're in a big family if that's always consuming you! Consider yourself lucky. And move closer to family so it's not so hard. LOL