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  • How do you stop a persistent boss when you've already decided to quit?

    Had a meeting with my boss and he asked me what was wrong with the company to prompt for me to leave. There are a lot of things like pay, working environment and quality of work. I didn't say any of these things and told him I needed to take a break. He's VERY persistent and keeps saying that he'll do anything to change but I've heard him say words of fluff before. It's always "It will happen soon" and in the past year none of his promises or efforts have shown. He doesn't seem to accept my 2 weeks and is close to telling me I'll burn bridges for leaving. What do I do? I feel guilty but I've been thinking about leaving for too long now.

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    Explain the reasons you're leaving and what your boss could make happen for you to stay. Finding new employees, at least good ones, isn't fast or easy, and your boss (should) prefer to keep the ones he already has.

    I also think it is common for a manager to say "it'll happen soon" because part of their job is retaining people, and it's up to you to either get a qualitative date or interpret if things are happening fast enough for your own interests. Don't be guilt tripped into staying if you don't like it.