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I am the Dude, though some think of me as the Dr House of Software.

My name is Ted Neward, Really big software developer geek.

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  • How do you see the field of software development changing in the next five years?

    Are you looking forward to a specific development? Do you think there are major technical developments on the horizon?

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    Bill Gates has a great quote, something along the lines of "We routinely overestimate how things will be different in five years, and underestimate how things will be different in ten years." I fully agree with that.

    After all, think about now vs 2011. Or 2006. Or 2001. Any significant changes? Some, sure, but nothing that drastically changes what we do on a daily basis, for the most part.

    Except for laptops. In 2001, almost all development was done on desktop machines with big CRTs. Now, everybody seems to be working off a laptop (attached to big flat-screens when they're in the office). So that's something, I guess. Even if it's really more just a change in the tool we used to do the same thing we did fifteen years ago.

    Thus, I don't think life for the average software developer will change all that much. You're still going to use programming languages that are text-based, written in an IDE or editor on your local machine, run through some kind of process and deployed somewhere to run. If there are any changes, it'll likely be more in the "little things" that are involved here--which language you use (though I don't see much changing on that front from where we are now), the tools used as part of the build process (probably just some incremental improvements on what we have now), or where the code is deployed. Maybe a little more emphasis on containers and cloud instead of on-prem, but chances are pretty even that something happens in the next few years that sours everybody's golden-boy view of the cloud and how it works.

    As for major technical developments.... No, nothing leaps out at me. I know the world is getting all amped up about "big data" and "machine learning", but frankly I think if anything those will get less hyped (and, paradoxically, start being actually more useful than they are now). Languages will probably get a little more functional, platforms will probably get a little bigger, and maybe a new platform will come along and start challenging Node or Java/.NET or what-have-you, but if one does, it'll basically be an incremental improvement again, and nothing super Earth-shattering.

    So basically, just more of the same-ol' same-ol'.