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Ecosystem Ecologist

My name is Terry Chapin, my research addresses the sustainability of ecosystems and human communities in a rapidly changing planet.

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  • Is it true that the human race is parallel to being cancerous to Earth?

    I've only heard negative things about the human race and its environment. With all this talk about going to Mars, wouldn't we end up doing the same thing? Wouldn't we ultimately ruin Mars as well?

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    I have great faith in the capacity of the human race to do great things for ourselves and our environment here on Earth. We do many good things to care for the Earth. The problem in my view is that we don't always think carefully about the consequences of actions that negatively affect society and its environment. Driving cars everywhere rather than using public transportation or bikes or sharing rides, eating meat every day, rather than foods which require less land to produce. Voting for politicians or laws that make our lives more comfortable (maybe) in the short term but reduce the options for our grandchildren or for people who have less than we do. We have only one planet. Let's not waste it--we don't have any other good options.