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  • How can development teams work better among the constraints of major projects?

    Could reducing team sizes or limiting team number help the process? Is more than one leader needed in any team?

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    One popular way is to switch the process by which they work from waterfall, or V pattern, etc... to 'Agile' using the 'Scrum' version of agile.

    However, that's not enough, and sometimes this makes it worse.What needs to happen is testers need to be willing to learn how to unit test and API test at the start of each sprint so they aren't sitting around waiting for code to test after its done.Likewise, to support that, the developers need to agree to spend time with the testers passing them information and small tests they can build more using, etc...

    So go Agile, but create a culture where people are willing to change to get into tasks earlier for faster development with fewer bugs.

    ((( Or... if you want, you can hire me, or some of my consultants, and we will work very quickly for you! )))

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