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  • How does a candidate prove their worth without employment history?

    People are often overlooked as potential employees due to a short - or nonexistent - job history. What are ways in which someone may demonstrate that their lack of history does not mean lack of skill?

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    Once you get an interview, if you're genuinely competent, it's usually straightforward. Ergo, the real question here is, "How does a candidate pass through the initial filters and even land an interview?"

    The answer is with hustle, gumption, and luck.

    1) Get references and referrals. Whoever you can convince to vouch for you or prod the company's processes on your behalf will be immensely important.

    2) Building your own proof-of-worth. Portfolio projects, websites, and independent contracting work are all great ways to do this. Nobody can stop you from making a blog and putting your thinking and passion projects up on it.

    3) Never undersell yourself. Ignore "Minimum Years of Experience". Take "Required Skills" with a grain of salt. *Remember that everything in the Requirements section of a job posting is just a suggestion*. If you can spin something in your background as being even remotely relevant to the task at hand, then go for it - even previous careers give you organizational and communication abilities that will carry over.